Asda Construction Begins in Selsey

Construction of the long-awaited Asda in Selsey is to begin early next month (October) and the supermarket is expected to open its doors next spring, it was announced today.

The 15,000 square foot store will bring jobs to the area and provide the town with much-needed new food shopping.

Construction will get underway at the same time on a restaurant or cafe and a four-pump petrol station on the site, both also opening in the spring.

The £3.7 million project is being masterminded by local property developer Landlink Estates, part of the West Sussex-based Langmead Group.

The new Asda will be located on the Park Farm site on the Chichester Road north of Selsey town centre.

It features a contemporary brick and glass design with a flat roof. Building work will be carried out by specialist supermarket construction company RG Contractors.

Negotiations are underway with potential operators to occupy the restaurant, which is being built at the same time as the supermarket and petrol filling station.

In a second phase, construction of up to 139 homes that will form the residential part of the development is scheduled to begin at the end of next year (2017). These will be a mixture of affordable and private homes, easing the housing crisis for current and future Selsey families.

Paul Hanson, Property Director of Landlink Estates, said: “We are excited that this long-awaited project is about to begin. Selsey has long been under-served when it comes to supermarket shopping, with residents having to travel to Chichester. This new Asda will offer customers a superb range and bring jobs to the area. This project is part of changing Selsey’s prospects for the better.

“This is a major project for Landlink Estates and kicks off a programme of development schemes such as the Salt Box in Bognor Regis, which will create employment for local people with a business development of new factories and offices. We are pleased to be making a positive contribution to the local economy in West Sussex.”

Asda is expected to recruit through Selsey Works.

The retailer first revealed its plans for a store at the gateway to Selsey in May 2014. Selsey Town Council and the Neighbourhood Planning Group backed the application, which was approved by Chichester District Council following a referral to the Secretary of State.