Landlink Ltd manages the Group’s 6,500 acres of land and property in Sussex, Suffolk, Scotland and Spain. This includes a diverse mix of commercial, horticultural and residential properties.

In recent years Landlink has diversified into promoting various strategic sites through the planning process with the aim of creating high quality places that use resources intelligently to provide a positive and long lasting legacy.

Landlink focuses on creating exceptional long term value from strategic and sustainable growth of the portfolio, by taking a transgenerational approach to all development. The team is working on projects that are sustainable innovative profitable and that look to support and improve the wider community. The company is committed to achieving exceptional asset growth through smart management of the property portfolio.

Landlink is involved in development schemes ranging from renovating residential properties to large mixed use housing commercial schemes as well we have a predominant horticultural and food processing focus. The Teams specialist knowledge and expertise and commitment to being good placemakers has meant that their projects strive to enhance and benefit the communities they sit alongside.

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