framing-logoThe Langmead Farms business operates on 2,700 hectares of irrigable land, spreading from the fertile coastal plains and rolling downs of West Sussex, to an impressive portfolio of farmland close to the Suffolk coastline and an area overlooking the river Tay in Perthshire, Scotland.

Our chosen locations create an ideal climate for the production of high quality arable crops and intensive fresh produce in a sustainable rotation. The mix of high light levels and soil types, from water retentive brick earths to free draining loamy sands, gives us flexibility of establishment windows to ensure consistency of supply.

Using the natural benefits of the locations, our professional farming team employ technology in innovative ways in conjunction with sound agronomic principles to challenge yield norms whilst going above and beyond customer expectations.

Langmeads have been farming for more than two hundred years and we see ourselves as custodians of the land we farm for future generations. We have invested in a large number of projects and facilities to protect and enhance our estate. These include compost sites for recycling waste generated both on the estate and in the local area, reed beds for filtering waste water and reservoirs to store and recycle water which is then used for irrigation.



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