The Langmead Group’s energy business evolved from the desire to look for alternative uses for our land. The high light levels at our locations on the south coast, which make it such a good location for growing salad crops, are ideally suited to solar power generation. On receiving planning permission in 2013 for our first solar site we recognised there was a broader opportunity and started a Joint Venture with BNRG, an established player in the renewable energy sector.

Together, we are developing a number of projects across the UK. We have now broadened the scope of our energy business to encompass many forms of renewables, which build on our collective areas of expertise in planning, grid, food production and land. This also fits well with the Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability which is embraced by our other projects including water recycling from our factories and glasshouses, reed bed water management, biomass-fuelled heating, green waste recycling and compost facilities.

Read about the completion of our first solar project here.

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