Langmead Farms celebrates the opening of their new grainstore

David Langmead together with some of the local agricultural community celebrated the official opening of The Langmead Groups new purpose built grainstore at The Chichester Food Park last week.

The store has been designed to intake, process and store 150 tonnes per hour of grain, boasting a total capacity of 15,000 tonnes across 3 equally sized bunkers. The building also incorporates a 0.25mw roof mounted solar PV installation into its design which as well as assisting in powering the grainstore, exports electricity to the national grid. The easily accessible location of the new facility also provides a central location for the arable farm vehicles, providing a reduction of traffic movements on already congested roads between the old grainstores.

The grainstore is a result of a long held vision by David Langmead to add a modern centralised facility to the Langmead Farms portfolio.

For more information on the grainstore please contact Simon Grinstead on  07811744711