Cubs have new badge

scout-badgeThe 1st Yapton & Ford Cubs group are based at the Scout Hut on the Langmead Farm at Drove Lane in Yapton.

The group approached Langmeads for help so that they could earn a badge – The Environmental Conservation Activity Badge – new for 2016.

In order to wear this badge, the cubs need to :

  1. Learn how to separate recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish
  2. Find out how to reduce the energy and water used in their homes
  3. Find out about one type of renewable energy
  4. Take part in two projects with other people, ie., ditch clearing, tidying waste land, planting trees

As the cubs knew that there was a solar farm on the Drove Lane site, they asked Langmeads  if we could take them to it and explain how it works.

The visit took place in April and involved the cubs walking for a mile or so up the lane from their Scout Hut, talking about the crops growing in the fields along the way.

An explanation of how a solar farm works, how many households it can power and how the electricity gets from the solar farm to our homes was given by Peter Scrimshaw, the Group’s CFO.

There were lots of great questions ……. “Why don’t we ‘catch’ lightening to generate electricityHow can we leave it out in the rain when electricity and water don’t mix!!”

A good fun and interesting evening was had by all.